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Details are available here: [[Configuring IRremote]]
Details are available here: [[Configuring IRremote]]
== Customizing the Firmware ==
== Customizing the KontroLIR Firmware ==
Details are available here: [[Customizing the Firmware]]
Details are available here: [[Customizing the KontroLIR Firmware]]
== Low Power Configuration ==
== Low Power Configuration ==

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KontroLIR – 100% Arduino compatible IR remote Control, with optional extras

work in progress DO NOT USE AS A REFERENCE YET!!!!

Where To Purchase

KontroLIR is available in our store and can be purchased via Buy KontroLIR.

KontroLIR is available as a functional standard unit. In addition, there are several optional add-ons availabRe:

  • Serial USB adapter (You can also use your own to upload sketches)
  • I2C EEPROM 16KBytes+ (There is a significat amount of FLASH and SRAM available to use)
  • IR receiver & IR Learner pair (only required if you want to use KontroLIR to record signals with AnalysIr or IRremote etc)

There is also a fully loaded version available with all add-ons included.

Data Sheet

The KontroLIR data sheet can be found by clicking here


KontroLIR, can be used in many applications, including the following:

  • A fully customized remote control, using Arduino
  • Clone an existing collection of remotes, exactly how you want it
  • Restrict usage for certain groups: children, seniors, Hotel Guests, public areas, company equipment.
  • Add custom macros, passwords.
  • Comes with example firmware for 5 devices & 225 signals, which can be easily expanded with many more devices, signals and macros.
  • Combine TV, STB, DVR, Media Center, Lights, Fans, LEDs, Toys, Air Conditioners - all on the same remote.
  • Offer a custom remote as-a-service to 3rd parties.
  • As a development, prototyping or proof of concept platform for companies designing their own remotes, before committing to a large production run.
  • As a platform for projects in schools & universities or as a practical Arduino related training aid.
  • Create your very own learning remote control.
  • ...any many more situations

The possibilities are endless.

KontroLIR Pin Outs

Details of pin-outs are available here: KontroLIR Pin Outs

Oscillator Clock Rate Selection

Details are available here: Oscillator Clock Rate

Getting Started

Details are available here: Getting Started

Uploading the KontroLIR Firmware

Details are available here: Uploading the KontroLIR Firmware

Configuring IRremote for use with KontroLIR

Details are available here: Configuring IRremote

Customizing the KontroLIR Firmware

Details are available here: Customizing the KontroLIR Firmware

Low Power Configuration

Details are available here: Low Power Configuration

Using KontroLIR with AnalysIR

Details are available here: Use with AnalysIR

Getting Support

If you need additional support please open a new issue in our IRforum - under Products:Support Requests.

Opening the Enclosure

The enclosure of KontroLIR is not designed for opening by users, other than for replacing batteries and uploading firmware via the battery compartment over SerialUSB.

When we open the enclosure we use a tool called a spludger and employ lots of TLC to avoid any damage to the hard plastic case. If you decide to open the case beyond the battery compartment, you do so at your own risk.

Advanced users may decide to go ahead and open the enclosure, to gain access to the ICSP programming header or the I2C headers etc, or even just to have a look at the PCB. This does not come under standard support, but we are happy to assist where possible (at your own risk, in case of damage)

Some things to note:

  • The battery clips/terminals attached to the PCB can be delicate and must be carefully re-inserted into the retaining slots when re-assembling the case.
  • If you do damage the plastic case, it should be possible to use glue or similar to restore it.
  • Be extra careful not to scratch the edges as this can result in an uncomfortable feeling or touch when holding the remote.
  • If you do, it should be possible to pare off or sand any jagged edges you created.
  • If all of this doesn't make sense, then you have likely not tried this before with remote controls. They can be a challenge to open without the right tools.

More Information


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  • You would like us to add some more information or
  • You have a tip to add or
  • you have noticed a mistake

then let us know via the contact page