KontroLIR - Arduino compatible IR remote control

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KontroLIR – 100% Arduino compatible IR remote Control, with optional extras

work in progress DO NOT USE AS A REFERENCE YET!!!!

Where To Purchase

KontroLIR is available in our store and can be purchased via Buy KontroLIR.

KontroLIR is available as a complete base unit. In addition, there are several optional add-ons available: Serial USB adapter; I2C EEPROM 16KBytes+; IR receiver & IR Learner pair. There is also a fully loaded version available with all add-ons included.

Data Sheet

The data sheet can be found by clicking here


KontroLIR, can be used in the following:

  • A full customized remote control, using Arduino
  • Clone an existing collection of remotes, exactly how you want it
  • Restrict usage for certain groups: children, seniors, Hotel Guests, public areas, company equipment.
  • Add custom macros, passwords.
  • Comes with example firmware for 5 devices & 225 signals, which can be easily expanded to many more.
  • Combine TV, STB, DVR, Media Center, Lights, Fans, LEDs, Toys, Air Conditioners - all on the same remote.
  • Offer a custom remote as-a-service to 3rd parties.

The possibilities are endless.

KontrolIR Pin Outs

Details are available here: KontrolIR Pin Outs

Oscillator Clock Rate Selection

Details are available here: Oscillator Clock Rate

Getting Started

Details are available here: Getting Started

Uploading the Firmware

Details are available here: Uploading the Firmware

Customizing the Firmware

Details are available here: Customizing the Firmware

Low Power Configuration

Details are available here: Low Power Configuration

Use with AnalysIR

Details are available here: Use with AnalysIR

Getting Support

If you need additional support please open a new issue in our IRforum - under Products:Support Requests.

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