Uploading the KontroLIR Firmware

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First, you should familiarize yourself with using the Arduino IDE to compile(verify) and upload sketches. Then simply follow the instructions below to upload the firmware to KontroLIR.

Steps to upload KontroLIR Firmware

  1. You will be provided a link to download the firmware source, after purchasing your own KontroLIR remote control device, from our shop or an approved partner.
  2. Make sure you have installed support for the ATmega328PB, into your Arduino IDE. (use the minicore from MCUdude)
  3. Remove any batteries from KontroLIR and connect the Serial USB adapter to KontrolIR. (This USB adapter, requires a DTR or RTS pin to work - refer to pin out for firmware upload using the bootloader.)
  4. Make sure to try out the example blink sketch or an example Serial print sketch to verify correct operation of the ATmega328PB with your Arduino IDE, before proceeding to use KontroLIR firmware.
  5. Insert the USB cable into the PC running the Arduino IDE.
  6. Select the correct COM port number of the serial USB adapter, in the Arduino IDE Tools->Port menu.
  7. Select clock speed of 8MHz for the KontroLIR firmware.
  8. Compile(verify) the firmware using the Arduino IDE.
  9. Upload the firmware to the KontrolIR device.
  10. Close the Arduino IDE.

Congratulations! - you are now ready to use the reference KontroLIR firmware. Of course this will not necessarily work with your own equipment, but is an important first step.

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