AIR SHield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx

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A.IR Shield ESP8266 TRx with Wemos D1 Mini

Where to purchase

Visit AnalysIR's IR Shop where you will find this and a range of similar Infrared solutions.

Data Sheet

The data sheet can be found by clicking here

Tx vs TRx Shield

The Tx Shield is the same as A.IR Shield ESP8266 TRx, except it has no IR receive capability and also features 2 IR send outputs. The first is the same dual IR Emitter and the second is a 3.5mm jack for connecting IR blasters.

Use the TRx when you:

  • Need to receive signals or measure carrier frequency – with or without AnalysIR
  • Need to decode or reverse engineer signals.
  • Don’t need to use an IR blaster cable

Use the Tx when you:

  • Need to use an IR blaster cable
  • Need to send IR in 2 different positions (inside/outside cabinet)
  • Need to send to multiple devices in different positions
  • Don’t need Rx or decoding capability.

.....more details to the meantime many of the features are identical to the TRx shield (except receiving).