AnalysIR updating config file

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Please follow these steps to update a new config file for the AnalysIR application

  1. Backup your existing file first by making a copy.(File Name: AnalysIR.ini)
  2. Save the new file on your local file system
  3. In AnalysIR, open the correct directory via Menu->File->Explore. A file Manager window will open. It is important to do this to avoid saving the new file to the wrong directory.
  4. Copy the new file to the file manage window. You may be prompted to overwrite the old file (Which you should have previously made a copy of)
  5. Edit the file and change the AIR_IPADDRESS parameter (near end of file) to the IP address of your PC (or to disable the option)
  6. Restart the AnalysIR application.

Your AnalysIR application has now been updated with the new config file and you are ready to use it.