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> KontroLIR Home

We explore this topic of "customizing KontroLIR Firmware" by going through each firmware file individually

KontrolIR_V1.00.ino - The main Arduino sketch file

KIR_buttons.ino - functions related to KontrolIR buttons

KIR_Copyright.h - Copyright and Licence Information (applies to all code)

KIR_extEEPROM.ino - functions related to (optional) external I2C EEPROM

KIR_header.h - KontroLIR definitions and macros

KIR_Infrared_Tx.ino - functions related to IR signal sending

KIR_Interrupts.ino - functions related to Pin Change and other Interrupts

KIR_IRremote.ino - functions related to any future IRremote modifications/workarounds

KIR_Misc_Functions.ino - a bundle of general KontroLIR system functions

KIR_Mode1_Functions.ino - Mode1 button / function mapping

KIR_Mode2_Functions.ino - Mode2 button / function mapping

KIR_Mode3_Functions.ino - Mode3 button / function mapping

KIR_Mode4_Functions.ino - Mode4 button / function mapping

KIR_Mode5_Functions.ino - Mode5 button / function mapping

KIR_RAW_Signals.h - Definition of Flash based RAW signals used

KIR_Vars.h - all non-local variables are defined here

NOTES.ino - A collection of misc. placeholder notes for internal use only

The files above represent the KontroLIR reference firmware. You will have to modify some of these to configure your own KontroLIR remote. A copy of the firmware source is provided with your order.

> KontroLIR Home