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The file is the main header file for KontroLIR.

  • We include any library used at the top of this file along with other KontroLIr header files. If you plan on using I2C EEPROM, then you should include it here.
  • The rest of the file is a collection of definitions for Rows, Cols, Pins, Buttons, macros and constant values.
  • There is also a collection of macro for control of the LED indicator. If you prefer to disable the indicator LED then simply set LEDINDICATOR to false.
  • DEBUGPRINTFLAG - by default this is commented out, which means that debug output is off. If you wish to see the debug info printed via serial, then uncomment this line/definition. It makes no sense to enable debug info when KontroLIR is running on batties, as it only serves to reduce batteyr life for no reason. If you are having issues than you can make use of the debug mactos in your own code.
  • lbCheck - define the frequency of button presses after which we check fro low battery levels. It doesnt make sens doing this check every time, but if you prefer to do this set it to 1. The default is 2.
  • batteyLowThreshold - we set this value to 2 volts or 2.4 volts depending on the clock speed. The recommended default is 2.4volts for 8Mhz. Once this threshold is met KontroLIR will go to sleep permanently to avoid potential for FLASH or EEPROM corruption. Operation will continue once new batteries are inserted.

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