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KontroLIR – 100% Arduino compatible IR remote Control, with optional extras

work in progress

Where To Purchase

KontroLIR is available in our store and can be purchased via Buy KontroLIR.

KontroLIR is available as a complete base unit. In addition, there are several optional add-ons available: Serial USB adapter; I2C EEPROM 16KBytes+; IR receiver & IR Learner pair. There is also a fully loaded version available with all add-ons included.

Data Sheet

The data sheet can be found by clicking here


KontroLIR, can be used in the following:

  • Light Barriers
  • Security projects
  • Lap Timers

BeamIR can be used in both 'beam mode' where the 2 modules are placed at either end of the invisible beam and in 'reflective mode' where the IR is bounced or reflected off a target and both modules are placed side by side facing the target.

KontrolIR Pin Outs

Details are available here: KontrolIR Pin Outs

Basic Functionality

Whne a Tx & Rx module are configured correctly and operational the outputs will be as follows:

IR Beam not broken

  • OUT => Logic LOW (Close to 0V)
  • OUT2 => Logic HIGH (Close to VCC, via pull-up resistor)
  • OC => Open Collector, shorted to GND via NPN/CE (Driven by OUT2)
  • Red LED => ON

IR Beam broken

  • OUT => Logic High(Close to VCC)
  • OUT2 => Logic LOW(Close to GND, via NPN/CE)
  • OC => Open Collector, Open & connected to NPN collector, which is 'turned off'
  • Red LED => OFF


The effective range of BeamIR can be from 1m to 20m+ depending on the IR Power setting and ambient lighting. However, it is important to note:

  • The further the range the wider the IR Beam, So it may help to reduce the beam width, by using an opaque pipe for direction.
  • Sunshine can interfere with IR transmission. The carrier frequency helps mitigate errors due to sunshine. Pulsing the Tx module at say 600uSecs can help distinguish between valid beam signals and interference.
  • If sunshine is a factor, placing the receiver unit on the side pointing away from the Sun, will help.
  • Much longer ranges and narrower beams can be achieved by the use Optics/lenses to focus the beam.


It is possible to use BeamIR in various configurations

  • 5V or 3V3 mode
  • x1, x2, x3 or custom IR Power
  • As a 38kHz IR emitter (Tx Module)
  • As a general purpose IR receiver (Rc Module). Excellent performance across multiple IR protocols & carrier Frequencies.
  • Using Logic Lever or OC output.
  • Multiple Rx modules with a single tx module
  • Combination of multiple Tx & Rx modules (e.g. virtual fence enclosing an area)
  • With optics and/or shielding (Pipes/light barriers) to improve range & performance.

Getting Support

If you need additional support please open a new issue in our IRforum - under Products:Support Requests.

More Information


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