KontroLIR Release Notes

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Date: 16-Jan-20

  • Sketch file/folder naming changed to suit Arduino IDE (Folder & sketch names must be the same)
  • PCINT interrupts are now disabled in the main loop instead of the PCINT ISRs. There was a possibility that the MCU could go to sleep permanently in some rare situations. This change removes that possibility. (KIR_Interrupts.ino & KontroLIR_Vx.x.x.ino))
  • Checking for low battery level, has been removed in this release, but may be re-introduced in upcomming releases.(related to previous point) (KIR_Misc_Functions.ino)
  • Hid some compiler warnings using #pragma, to avoid unnceccesary confusion. (KIR_buttons.ino)
  • Several typos & formatting changes
  • In KIR_enablePCint & KIR_disbalePCint functions added parameter to control if interrupts will be turned on, before returning from the functions call. (KIR_Interrupts.ino)
  • Fixed potential issue with reading ADC in KIR_readAvgVCC. Now using slower ADC clock rate & correct ADC completion flags. (KIR_Misc_Functions.ino)
  • Release # updated
  • DEBUGPRINTFLAG is now commented out by default. This is the lowest power setting as it avoids extra overhead of using serial comms.(KIR_header.h)
  • Added compiler warning if 8MHz clock speed is selected to suggest 4MHz instead.(KIR_header.h)
  • Added defines for setting the ADC clock rate for each crystal speed.(KIR_header.h)


Date: 13-Dec-19

  • This was the initial public release