LearnIR Version 2 - Advanced Infrared Learner, for remote control

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Where To Purchase

LearnIR Version 2 can be purchased directly from our web-shop or Tindie.For bulk orders please contact us with your requirements for details.

Data Sheet

The data sheet can be found by clicking here

User Guide

A comprehensive user guide (Manual) is included in the download package


The latest firmware is already installed on your device(s) when shipped. Future updates & upgrades can be easily installed via the companion LearnIR windows application.

Download Package

Details of the download link will be email to you after your order is shipped.

Use with AnalysIR

Note: LearnIR devices can also be used directly with AnalysIR, our flagship application for decoding and reverse engineering Infrared remote control signals.

Embedding LearnIR Technology

We also offer an option of embedding our LearnIR technology into customer projects vis SoC (Lower volume projects) or a royalty free firmware licence. Contact us with your requirements for more details.