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If you have purchased a copy of AnalysIR, you can also use KontrolIR with AnalysIR. AnalysIR adds the possibility to record signals along with carrier frequency. You can also clean recognised signals for better performance and test sending of signals. Finally, you can export signals in IRremote format via Menu->File->Batch Export->IRremote (or IRLIB)

AnalysIR Firmware

  1. First request the AnalysIR firmware sketch from us by email, if you don't already have it.
  2. Make sure you have installed support for the ATmega328PB, into the Arduino IDE.
  3. Remove the batteries and Connect the Serial USB adapter to KontrolIR.
  4. Insert the USB cable into the PC running AnalysIR & the Arduino IDE.
  5. Select the correct COM port number of the serial USB adapter, in the Arduino IDE menu.
  6. Select clock speed of 16MHz for the AnalysIR firmware.
  7. Compile the firmware.
  8. Upload the firmware to the KontrolIR device.
  9. Close the Arduino IDE.

Follow these steps to get started with AnalysIR:

  1. Remove the batteries and connect the Serial USB adapter to KontrolIR.
  2. Insert the USB cable into the PC running AnalysIR.
  3. Start AnalysIR, if not already running.
  4. Select the COM port number of the serial USB adapter from the drop-down at the bottom of the main window.The box should turn green.
  5. Select KontroLIR from the source menu, in AnalysIR
  6. You are now ready to use KontrolIR as an IR source and emitter from AnalysIR.
  7. Refer to AnalysIR documentation on how to use AnalysIR.

If you ordered the IR receiver pair option when ordering KontroLIR, you can use the Rx & Tx features of AnalysIR. If not, you can only use the Tx feature with AnalysIR.