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You can store any number of RAW IR signals you wish to send from flash in this file. As most of the flash is unused, you can add a significant number of additional signals, before running out of storage. In the event, you do not have enough Flash available, then you can move on to using the optional I2C EEPROM for almost limitless signal storage potential.

Using a tool like AnalysIR to clean signals beforehand will greatly improve the performance and range.

You are free to use any naming convention here but it is mostly a good idea to stick to a similar naming convention as in the examples provided.

To send an IR signal from flash use the following:

  KIR_sendRAW_Flash(AC_irSignal1, sizeof(AC_irSignal1) / sizeof(int), 38);  
  // send AC signal #1 @ 38kHz

where AC_irSignal1 is the Raw IR signal and 38 is the carrier frequency of 38kHz.

Tip: Sending from flash is more efficient because it uses up much less scarce SRAM, without incurring a penalty. It is generally preferred to use available FLASH for signal storage, before starting to use the external I2C EEPROM.

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