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In file KIR_Macros.ino we have shown how macros can be added for remote control sequences. Although we are not using macros within this reference firmware, we do show how to define macros(commented out), for use within KontroLIR. Macros will typically involve sending a series of different signals and protocols with defined timing gaps between each signal. You are free to name the macros as you wish, but we suggest sticking to our naming convention or something very similar to identify them as macros.

If you want to assign a macro to a button / device in KontroLIR simply call the macro from the function assigned to that button/device. For example:

    void DFN(POWER)(void) {

We have shown several example Macros with timed signal sequences in this file, but have left them commented-out for now. Users are free to add any number of macros here. We strongly suggest you use this file for creating macros to avoid cluttering the individual device mode files.

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